Spacedrones Laboratory builds multidisciplinary research for space applications.

The SpaceDrones laboratory and its spacecraft simulator collaborate with other VT multirotor laboratories, such as CAS, RAAS, and XXXXX. Enabling hardware in the loop research, development, and application of a wide range of research fields, the system can provide rapid research for many applications and disciplines. Such applications may include autonomous systems, dynamics, controls, structures, advanced sponsoring, space science, space engineering, and many others.

If you want to run your experiment with us, please contact our coordination office or check bellow the VT main investigator on each field.

Orbital Analysis

Orbital determination and optimization of satellites and spacecraft for Proximity OPerations, Rendezvous and Docking, interplanetary injections, Lunar Gateway Operations, and many more.

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Space Systems Engineering

Research and development of satellites (including cube sats) and supporting ground stations. Domain includes PCP development, Power delivery, Software integration, and communications protocols.

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Space Robotics

Adaptation and development of Space Robotics platforms capable of “On Orbit Serving” and “In Space Assembly” utilizing both robotic and orbital kinematics/dynamics.

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Path Planning & Optimization

Path planning optimization for both robotic bodies and robotic arms in and around structure or defined space, using both GPS and onboard sensors.

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Swarming & Coordination

Research and Development of collaborative robotic systems and algorithms with common modular architecture. Program also devlops networking protocols required for data communications.

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Artificial Intelligence

Use of Machine Leaning, CNN, and RNNs to produce robot and space craft controllers and decision matrices for deep space missions.

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Analysis and development of  drone, satellite, space station structures, in regards to ease of use, construction,  and availability with in the environment of space.

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Structural Dynamics

Dynamic load analysis of spacecraft and satellite systems in atmosphere and in vacuum.

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Advanced Sensing Technologies

Development and integration of a range of sensing systems such as Camera, Lidars, and IMUs for mission data collection and closed loop feedback for drone/spacecraft control.

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